Sunday, June 14, 2015

Hospitals, good news and PITA stuff....

 I started off the week on a good note. My former boss did some pro-bono public relations work for a local art event. She invited me to go, so I did. It was good to see her and fun to look at some of the different booths that had really creative art. I bought a really cute necklace there.

This was super cool. They were plates, saucers and cups adhered together to look like flowers. 

 And, of course, I grocery shopped for my parents... We're going on a month for that one! Mom's orthopedic specialist's appointment is this week.

 Monday meant work, of course. I also went to a doctor's appointment after work. It was nothing serious, according to the doctor. Yaaaay....

 Tuesday meant trying a different route to go to a non-medical appointment after work. It didn't take me 45 minutes to go across the city! Yay!

 I had varying emotions Wednesday night with the same pile of mail I got out of my box. First of all, I was a little peeved that I got a postcard that said the last portion of my cousin's baby gift has apparently arrived at my local post office. They couldn't just leave the box on my porch? I have to literally drive to my post office to pick it up? It's a book! What a pain! But, I was happy because I also got a letter in the mail from my work's retirement plan. I can apparently sign up for it in a few weeks! This must mean I've passed probation or am close to doing so?

 We got an announcement at work on Thursday that the company's annual meeting will be held at the House of Blues in Downtown Disney! We also may be going to Disneyland afterwords! There will also be a really good auction at the meeting too, with free tickets!

 Mom also had her orthopedic specialist appointment on Thursday. It's a hairline fracture in her knee, so the grocery shopping will continue for the near future.... She has to have an MRI and can't be walking around for a good month.

 I ran into my uncle Friday during my lunch break. He apparently works two buildings away from me! I also got some terrible news after work about the wife of a family member who apparently had a stroke and a brain bleed. I called her husband (my cousin) that evening and spoke to him.

 I also switched my work schedule around so that I could go to a doctor's appointment that day. Everything stayed the same and I'm good for the next few months.

 Saturday meant more work. I think I might have done too much work, but we'll see. I wanted to drop a book off afterwords to the relative whose wife had the brain bleed. He told me to drop it off to him at the hospital, so I went to see him and his wife. The hospital was fortunately fairly close to my work. She's in a medically induced coma now, which I've never seen in action. It nearly spooked me out when she responded to me when I told her hello! That's a very sad situation though that the Lord needs to step in and do something about.

 And so, my week....

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