Sunday, June 21, 2015

Nuttin' much....

 This week began on a low key note. I think that working on Saturdays tires me out, so I stay low-key on Sundays. And there were also no pictures.

 I had a break this week from parent grocery shopping. My dad agreed that the break was fine, saying that if they ran out of something that he'd just drive to the store that's close to them. Fair enough. I also got some cleaning done and spoke to my uncle on the phone for a little while. He asked for a favor.

 Monday meant work, of course. Payday! Yay! I also realized I did indeed need to see my parents due to a mistake I made, so I called my mom to say I was coming over the next day for free dinner. :)

 Tuesday meant more work. I got frustrated at work when I got a report back showing some errors I made. Since literally a zillion hands are in files from start to finish, I think I didn't make some of these mistakes.  I had dinner with my parents that evening and paid them back some money they were owed. I also resolved something with a relative. That felt good to get out of the way.

 Wednesday was a frustrating day at work. Let's just leave it at that.

 Thursday ended up being embarrassing at work. Let's just leave it at that. I began having pain that evening after getting off work that continued through the night.(It wasn't a panic attack in case you were wondering... This was legitimate pain...)

 Friday morning brought more pain, so I called work and got an emergency appointment at the doctor's. Sweet doctor who had me do a ton of blood work. I'd go back to see her in a heartbeat. It ended up being an ovarian cyst. I don't ever want one again!

 The pain subsided Saturday when the cyst, um, passed.... I made plans with my neighbor to see my city's Day of Music. I also spoke with my upstairs neighbors because they need to use my patio outlet for something. Dad also said he'll do more grocery shopping again! Yay!

 Boring week! I hope next week is more (positively) eventful! 

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