Sunday, June 7, 2015

Extreme Grocery Shopping

 This week began with church and the now typical grocery shopping trip for my parents. I've been doing this now for three weeks and am starting to be amazed that two people get so much stuff at the store each week! The checker was even amazed when she saw how much was on the list. I guess it's not just me!  I started having giddy thoughts when I saw the grocery delivery van as I parked the car. After all, the first delivery is free of charge....

To make the time go by faster during the hour and-a-half at the store, I texted back and forth with a friend who is also doing a lot of the shopping for her elderly parents, telling her the "questionable" items I was getting and laughing about it when she'd text me back something funny.

 I had dinner with my parents also. I could tell they really wanted me to last week, so I did it this week.

 Work was almost uneventful on Monday-ALMOST.  My boss is really not that bad, but when I emailed her with something, her mood got me going. She completely misread my email and then got mad at me about it.

 I needed to de-stress after work, so I sat out by the pool journaling. I talked to one neighbor. I also brought my camera out to see what sunset shots I could get.

 Tuesday was uneventful at work. I went to an appointment afterwords. It still amazes me that it takes me so long to get from one end of the city to the other. I also made an appointment with my friend the eye doctor for Saturday for contacts again. Yay!

 Wednesday, Thursday and Friday also meant more work. My boss began to get normal again by Wednesday.... A long-time friend also texted me Thursday evening to let me know his grandmother died. I asked him jokingly when we spoke later that evening how many family deaths we've been through together. Quite a few! My parents 45th anniversary was on Friday. They got take out Black Angus for their special night. :)

 I went to the eye doctor Saturday. Contacts again! Yay! It's also good to know that my adenoma isn't affecting my vision. I went to work afterwords for a few hours and then decided to take a trek to see the ocean. I went down the freeway to Dana Point and discovered when I stopped in San Juan Capistrano that my camera battery was dead... Great....

 And so, my week in a nut shell.... 

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