Sunday, June 28, 2015

I got the music in me....

 Sunday started out eventfully-literally. The city I live in had a music festival even though it was blazing hot outside. So, I went to an inside location that I thought I'd be out of in two seconds (It featured organ music). I was pleasantly surprised!

The auditorium I went to is almost 100 years old and has the beautiful mural on a side wall. It was covered up for ages (probably because it featured Hispanics) and was restored probably 20 years ago. 
 I also had dinner with my parents and got my dad beer for a Father's Day gift. :)

 Monday meant work again. I had a discussion with the doctor I saw Friday and she wants me to have an ultrasound. Not fun, but I see her point. She wants to make sure I don't have more cysts ready to go.

 Tuesday meant more work, and I went to my group again. I realized that night that my anxiety related to work was out of control. I need to do something about it.

 Wednesday meant more work. I realized other things about my anxiety that day. It may be related to some medication I take for my pituitary adenoma.

 Thursday meant even more work.

 Friday was a good day at work. My cousin apparently had her baby at midnight, but when I went on Facebook that evening (roughly 18 hours later), I saw nothing on either my cousin's page or her husband's page. I messaged another of my cousins (the aunt of the baby) to see if maybe my mom got the phone message wrong and was also met with radio silence. And this cousin hopped a flight with her little guy to see her sister and new niece...

 Saturday meant working a few hours. My friend Alex's daughter turned 5 and he invited me to the party. I had fun getting her an outfit at Target as a gift. :) Alex's sister did a good job organizing everything for her niece. (Dad gave me permission to share online. I don't share kid photos anymore online unless I ask parents permission first.)

A tulle skirt for the 4th of July.

 My week in a nutshell. I'm hoping my cousin's baby is all right also. 

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