Sunday, July 19, 2015

Inappropriateness and relief

 The week started out on a weird note. I was excited about some things lying ahead but wasn't happy about other things that I won't mention.

 I started out the week swimming. I also said something I regret to someone non-family.

 I also did the usual grocery shopping for my parents. I was irritated because my mom wanted a ton of stuff and she forgot to give me the money to pay for it. :( (She reimbursed me when I got back to their house.) I also had dinner with my parents.More wine got bought this week! Mom says there are cooking projects on the horizon. With wine. Uh huh. I won't be shocked to have to buy more wine next week. :)

 Monday meant work. I started earlier to get out earlier so I could get my mammogram done. I got that done without an issue. I also heard some sad news about a family member. I don't want to ever go out that way.

 Tuesday also meant work. I actually left on time to go to a non-medical appointment! Woohoo! I also met my new next door neighbor when I got home. She ironically looks just like my now former neighbor. Talk about deja vu! She seems nice so far.

 Wednesday meant more work and some overtime. I got in a little late due to traffic. The owner of the company began talking about the company event on Friday at Downtown Disney, which made me happy. The raffle prizes looked wonderful.

 Thursday meant more work. We all began to strategize for the raffle prizes we wanted. :)

 Friday meant a partial day of work. Then we headed to the House of Blues at Downtown Disney.

We were all taking selfies. Lol

Before getting in the photo booth. 

 Saturday meant more work, but only for 45 minutes because the person doing their job was newly trained and couldn't figure something out with her files. No supervisor was around to help her. I was actually happy to get out early. It was nice to relax.

 And then, it rained pretty hard. I took no photos but was surprised. We need it here in Southern California, so I'm glad it did rain. It helps, but honestly, we need a monsoon to get us out of this drought!

 And so, my week.... 

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