Sunday, July 26, 2015

A boring start with a birthday thrown in...

 The week began on  a boring note, with laundry thrown in.

  I did the usual grocery shopping for my parents on Sunday. My mom always has to read off the grocery list to me. Not like I don't hit the same grocery stores each week for them anyway....

 It rained like a monsoon as I drove home from the store for my parents. I mean, we're talking wind blowing, rain pouring, feeling like I'm in Florida weather... I got to my parents house and we got take out when the weather died down.

 Monday meant more humidity. Fortunately I was sitting in air conditioning at work. The rain died down today, so the humidity was the only cross to bear for a bit. The traffic was also absolutely nuts leaving work. (I work pretty close to Angel Stadium.)

 I also made arrangements for my dad's 80th birthday dinner.

 Tuesday meant more work and more humidity. The nurse at my doctor's office left me a voice mail message in the afternoon that I needed to get some blood work done to check the hormone level for my adenoma and some medication the doctor put me on for it. I let the appropriate people know I had to get blood work done the next morning.

 I also spoke to my new next door neighbor again. She seems, interesting.... We'll just leave it at that....

 Wednesday saw me doing blood work first before heading in to work. It blew me away to see the line out the door in order to check in. I got the blood work done and headed in to work. I wasn't for the sensitive ears as I hopped on the freeway when I realized I forgot my lunch! Otherwise it was a boring day.

 My dad turned 80 on Thursday. I had literally a zillion conversations with the doctor's nurse that day as the blood work came in and showed I'm not at a therapeutic level with my medication. They directly correlate that with the tumor. On a good note though, the hormone associated with the tumor is down!

 I went to dinner with my dad that evening to Lazy Dog Cafe. We brought their dog Honey along. It was packed and I was exhausted. She's a sweet dog, but not well behaved, so I held the leash alllll through dinner. Mom used an extra cake for his birthday cake since she couldn't go to the store. It was pink. Yes, that got a comment from Dad. :) An extra cake got picked up on Sunday for him-one with appropriate man colors. Lol

 A really awkward situation happened at work, which meant I had a conversation with my boss that afternoon. I think I'm going to like her. Mandatory overtime for Saturday. Again.

 I had dinner with my former neighbors at their nearby house that evening. One of them just got laid off from the Pennysaver, which brought about a discussion about my laid off times. I had been considering ways to make extra money and actually thought about making resumes for others. I'm going to do his resume as a trial to see how he does.

 Saturday meant more overtime. I got out earlier than anticipated. Yay! Since I'm usually exhausted by that time of the week, I seriously napped when I got home. I then went swimming for a bit and spoke to my neighbor again. Interesting lady.....

 And my week...... 

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