Sunday, July 12, 2015

Mystery solved...

 I volunteered on Sunday to help out setting up at my church's carnival the next Saturday. My cousin also messaged me back and told me they'd be up visiting in a month, so she can get the present then. I then asked how she was doing and was told she had the sweetest baby in the world. :)

 I also did the usual grocery shopping for my parents. I had to laugh about how times have changed since I picked up cheap wine at the store for my parents. :) (It was actually for a recipe Mom was making-or so she says-ha!)

They were in rare form tonight. We'll just leave it at that.... We got take out at a local restaurant which I treated for. They've helped me out so much in the past that it was the least I could do.

 Monday meant more work. I actually laughed about something that would have normally made me nervous. I was happy about that!

 Tuesday meant even more work. We had computer problems almost all day. We literally all sat around talking! Talk about a way to get to know your co-workers!  I did have a nice conversation with my boss also. She was highly complimentary and is going to have me doing some specialized work. That made me smile. Probation will end next week.

 I had a non-medical appointment this week and saw photos of my cousin's baby on Facebook when I got home from that appointment. What a cutie! It was fun to see my dad admiring his grand-niece online.

 Wednesday meant work again. We have to track how much time we spend on various projects now, so that was interesting. I also forgot my lunch at home, so I had to get one out.

 I got my hair did after work. It was sorely needed. There's a salon down the street from me that I've wanted to try but didn't know who to go to. I'll try her again.

(This was the next day, so my hair doesn't look as good...) 

 Thursday meant more work. I remembered my lunch. :) I had a massively huge file that absolutely amazed me. It took me 45 minutes to get done when normally I get files done in roughly 10-12 minutes.

 I had to email my medical group that evening about something.

 I was also a little irked with the volunteer coordinator (who knows me) at church that evening. I was told on Sunday thanks for volunteering and that she'd get back to me on Thursday. No email. I debated sending an email, but I got grief for that once before, so I didn't. Come to find out she made a mistake. Go figure, she's human. :)

 I got called back by my medical group Friday morning about my email and got what I needed by that evening. I was happy.  Granted, I got the call at work on my cell and had to step outside to speak to the person that morning, but still, that's nothing.

 Saturday meant working for 2 hours. One of my co-workers and her sister live really close to my parents! Small world. I napped when I got home. I went to see Tomorrowland at the discount theatre by me that evening.

 My week! 

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