Sunday, August 9, 2015

Last Week....

Last week was just one of those weeks that you want to just simply go away. Fast.

It was normal, of course. There was work. Then I noticed I had to go to the doctor on Wednesday-a specialist. Thank goodness a nurse found a cancellation and got me in Friday. Without it, I would have been seeing the doctor in October. October! (Thanks Obamacare!)

 The doctor said I have a diagnosis that I remembered getting when I was a child. I won't mention it here since friends and family read this blog. If any of you want to know what's wrong, please message me. Just know it's nothing life threatening.

 This was simply the remembrance of an unpleasant memory. I seriously cried in front of the doctor. He was super kind and sat with me while I cried and cried. It didn't help matters much that I ran into an acquaintance with her daughter as I was leaving. They were at urgent care and we both just didn't want to talk. She later apologized to me, but it was a blessing.

 Thank God I took enough PTO time from work to go to the doctor because I just did not feel like going back there-while feeling as bad as I did. I called my mom to ask her some questions about this diagnosis and got even more concerning answers. She was also super nervous.  I put a call in to my sister who has yet to return it, since she mentions the same things as I do. Reality hits-and it's not pretty.

 This is life though.

 May next week be better....

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