Sunday, August 23, 2015


 I finally got a hold of my sister on Sunday to ask her the questions I needed to. My heart broke as she spoke. It was as if she was transported back to being a little kid when she said she couldn't bear to hear me cry. "Don't cry, Kimmie. Don't cry," she said when she couldn't bear to hear a little bit of crying. While it was sweet, it was sad at the same time. Did I get answers? No. She didn't want to talk about it.

 Monday meant more work. I picked up some dinner and was super tired and conked out. Dinner made me sick-so that night was fun....

 Tuesday was a fun day that started out as a long morning. I wasn't sure I'd make it to work but did. Then I felt sick later in the day. I thought allergies, but no. :( The coughing attack in the hallway at work proved it...

 Wednesday meant I stayed home from work. I got in later in the day with a doctor at the practice I normally go to. I had a 100.4 fever and had to get a chest x-ray because I was really wheezing. I'll be on medication for the next week and-a-half.

 Thursday was my last day home. I got some things done that were sorely needed which wasn't much in the scheme of things.

 I went back to work Friday. Two of my co-workers told me they were glad I went to the doctor, as I was breathing so hard Tuesday that it concerned them. Yikes.

 Saturday meant still being sick, but still putting in a few hours at work. (It was either Saturday overtime or Monday evening overtime. I chose Saturday...) You'd think I'd actually have a life, wouldn't you? :) 

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