Tuesday, August 4, 2015

The week in a nutshell

 My week, in a nutshell....

 What did I do this past week, you ask? I....

  • Went grocery shopping for my parents and had dinner with them. Did you expect I wouldn't? :) 

Mom's knee is apparently improving and she'll start physical therapy soon. Yaaaay!

  • Worked. This past week had technical problems. They even told folks they could take PTO time one day to go home early since the computer problems were seriously limiting. I said I would stay, which meant a nice tutorial from my boss on some new files I've been working on. I would have taken PTO, but since I just passed my probation, I didn't know how much time I had. My next paycheck should show it. Friday was pretty bad too though. My boss even said to me the day half the office went home that we were entering a slow period. I wonder if a project simply ended and they're looking for new business. It almost makes me wonder if I should start looking for a new job-after being there only three and-a-half months.... :( 

  • Swam. 

  • Got good news that my mammogram came back fine. Yay! :) I'll go back next year for the same funness. The ultrasound also came back fine. I was told once again about my mild endometriosis. It was no shock, but I did ask a question about it. I was curious say if I actually lost weight and got married would this hinder me conceiving. Her nurse called me back and left a message. We'll be playing phone tag Monday.... 

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