Saturday, November 28, 2015

Ask For Help

 I hit my limit last week-and learned a valuable lesson in the process.

 I think the garage fiasco, among other things, did me in. I really do. There were so many things going on with that when finally, I hit the breaking point.

 The breaking point came last week. My boss ended up pulling me aside and, without going into detail, mentioned that she was concerned about me. She allowed me to go home early. As I was driving home, I thought about what she said. She was right. I was concerned also. Some things will come of that.

 And then, my dad ended up in the hospital. Their dog got loose and went for a stroll down to the next street. Fortunately, Dad chats with the neighbors who spotted the dog and immediately got her. When they went to pick her up, my 80-year-old father lost his balance and hit his head on the block wall fence of the people who had her in their house. (I'm sure those people were thrilled...) Dad ended up in the hospital for a few days, which was another headache.

 I told my sister she needed to visit and help with driving Mom back and forth from the hospital. (The hospital wasn't the closest one to their house. It requires freeway driving, which won't happen with a 77-year-old woman with Macular Degeneration.) After all, it's Thanksgiving week and she had the time off. Therefore, she can help out when your elderly parents need it, right?


Lessons came from this week though. One in particular.

Ask for help.

People are willing to help out. I got a call from my aunt up north telling me that all I had to do was ask for help and they would make a trip down. My uncle offered to help with driving. Even when I hit another breaking point on Turkey Day, I got help/feedback I needed from a friend.

 Ask for help.

 That's hard to do. After all, I feel I should be there all the friggin time for my parents since they've done a lot for me. My unhelpful sister told me this a few years ago, which is true. How helpful am I though when I'm at my breaking point? The answer: none. I am no help to them whatsoever if I'm an irritable mess with them-and they probably wouldn't want me around like that anyway.

 There are other resources for my parents, which a friend made note of the other day. For free. (Mom specifically asked that. Lol. Gotta love my frugal parents who shouldn't drive anymore...) I'm not obligated to be a servant to my parents. I do want to respect them and be a decent daughter though.

 Which means I need to ask for feedback. I need to ask for help.

 Why is it hard to do?

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  1. Because it feels like weekness. Which it isn't. I have trouble asking for help, too.