Thursday, December 30, 2010

2010...a look back

 It seems hard to believe that this year is already coming to a close. In some ways, I'm glad, as it included some moments I'd rather not repeat again-ever.

 Here is a pictoral recap of the year:

 Me at a really boring NYE party with the host's friendly dog. :)

  holding cute Pommie babies

and breakouts...... (why I even took this picture is beyond me!)

and breakouts clearing up, LOL...

I also saw my friend David due to some sad family circumstances, and this is weirdly the only picture I got when we went to one of the biggest malls in this country-right here in Southern California.

and of course I made stuff

and went to Ikea with Robyn (Yes, this was in Ikea)

after Robyn and I realized we could not get into Farrell's without standing in line 45 minutes....heeeck no!

aaand another headshot! LOL! I was really proud of my weight loss, wasn't I?

Chandra's 40th birthday party

an Easter gift from my friend Rebecca

aaand another headshot! LOL!

a full on shot in my peach bathroom.....Damn I looked good!

and I scrapbooked

and crocheted........

and took a business class online-that I got an A in

and spent 4th of July with family

my Dad turned 75 (let's not mention my weight gain, shall we? :( )

doing stuff with the Mariner's singles group at the Irvine Spectrum

all days are beautiful under God's care.....

and I had a birthday-number 36 (once again, no talk about my weight gain, please...)

It certainly was an eventful year, which included a cancer scare. That included trips up the ying yang to the oncologist's, a biopsy, CT scans where I had to drink a drink filled with Iodine to light me up (yummy......) and other good stuff. On the good side, it included visits from my friends Robyn and David. I no longer work nights anymore either. Yippeee!

 Here's to 2011, and may it hold good fortune!

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