Saturday, December 25, 2010

And a partridge in a pear tree.....

Merry Christmas, everyone!

Today was simply uneventful. This definitely wasn't Christmas of yesteryear, where the extended family would gather together. It was just me and my parents (and the ever-inquisitive, ever-spoiled doggie princess) at their house. :) In fact, here was her position while we were opening presents:

 I got on the floor and she came right up to me and sat in between my legs.

Then she got tired of that position and sat by the side of me. :) She truly was wondering what in the world we were all doing.

"Do you mind?? We're doing something VERY important here!"
  My mom always tries to make Christmas time very festive, and today was no exception. The house was of course decorated to the hilt, the china was brought out, and the food-ohhh, the food. We were all stuffed!

 Here are the gifts. I would have to say that my dad had the most fun Christmas shopping this year, as my mom's gifts from him primarily came from EBay. :)

 I thought this picture was funny of the dog checking out the unwrapping of the gifts.

And of course, it's raining again here in Southern California! I wouldn't have known that the rain even started in again if the dog wouldn't have barked her head off hearing something in the backyard at my parents house. When I turned on the light in their backyard, I noticed the rain and lamented wearing flip flops (see first above picture...). I guess I am a true Southern Californian to wear flip flops in December! 

 Merry Christmas again, all! Time to start preparing for the new year and getting rid of this break out!

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