Thursday, December 16, 2010

A handmade Christmas.........

 Today is December 16th.

 And these-these are my Christmas cards.........

 I never buy Christmas cards. Since I am a craftaholic, I always make my cards. I've done this for years and have always had ideas every stinkin' year on what I will do. I even used to get my cards out on December 1st. I used to stamp them, emboss them, color them in. You name it, I probably tried them with my Christmas cards. This year though?

 I'm stuck.

 I have a border up on all 20 of my cards, and that's it.

 And I really need to get them done-by let's say tomorrow.

(I'd like them to actually get out before Christmas. Novel thought, huh? :) )

 So...what say ye? Any ideas for my cards?

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