Sunday, December 19, 2010

Christmas lights overload (and mangers too)

 It may be a little bit of an overload, but I went to see even more Christmas lights this evening, even though it's miserable and rainy outside. A friend of mine told me yesterday how this one housing tract in the neighboring city from me (like 5 minutes away-I'm on the border of these two cities) does December up big time with great Christmas lights, and so, I thought I'd see for myself what they do here. All I can say is WOW.

  Let's start with this house.  Christmas overload is all I can say!!! The garage was decorated to the hilt and the wife of the house was out front selling hot chocolate to passing cars! (I should have gotten a picture of that, but I was too impressed with the decorated garage. ;) )

  "Ring the doorbell and go in for a tour," she told those of us looking at her garage decorated with sparkleballs (Look at the ground......)! How weird is that to see them two days in a row??

 And so, we did. The house was nothing short of amazing. (These people must seriously have to rent a storage facility for all this stuff! It was a lot of stuff.....)

 At least they showed the reason for the season inside the house......
 These Santas were in the middle of train tracks in one room that was solely dedicated to Santas of all makes and sizes. I kid you not...........

  And the kitchen had dancing bears of all kinds. I kid you not. The bears did a nonstop show.......
A family was getting a tour of the house along with me, and the husband asked the man giving the tour how long it took them to decorate the house each year.
"Oh, just a month," he said.
Just a month..........
This was the coolest though. Right before leaving the housing tract, I saw this family reenacting a manger scene. They were so nice and allowed me to take a picture of them! (Sorry about the poor quality. I was lazy and took it from the car since it was raining.) That's soooo cool that this family reenacts the reason for the season!!!
 And so, I think I've had my Christmas lights fix for the season. Even though this was nice (and unique!) to see, the sparkleballs hanging from eucalyptus trees are still my all time favorite.

 Rain or not, I'm glad I got out of the house to see this.

What's a little rain?

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