Sunday, January 1, 2012


 Happy New Year!

 Ali Edwards has a one-word prompt for each year. I always thought, yeah, nice idea, but who needs something like that?

 I liked the idea last year. It took me a few days into the new year, but I, too, came up with my one little word-ACHIEVE. I smiled as I went through last year's posts and came upon the post that mentioned this word. I probably didn't know what I wanted to achieve, except to maybe get a title job that didn't have me getting laid off every few months, which is common in the escrow and title world. I did achieve last year though.

 And so, I thought about what my one-word prompt will be for 2012. FIND. I went back and forth between SEEK and FIND, but find stuck out to me more, even though we seek before we find. So, find it is! Maybe I need to find what I seek?

 I'd like to find a lot this year. Here's to the search!

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