Friday, January 6, 2012

Regency Lido with a mysterious friend :)

 Since yesterday was a day off for me, I wanted to do something fun. A friend of mine, who shall remain nameless due to playing hooky from work, :) went with me on an adventure down to Lido Island in Newport Beach.

 We started off first of all having lunch  at the Mad Greek in Stanton. I've been there before and taken pictures, but can't find them right now. Then we took PCH down to Lido Island. to see a movie. I'd been to the Regency Lido once before on a date EEONS ago and remembered how fantastic this place was, so I wanted to try it again. My hooky from work friend was happy to go along with me. :)

The Regency Lido is an old theater in Newport Beach that is just really cool. They even give mints as you walk out of the theater.

I also just love the detail on the outside sconces.

 This theater was obviously restored. I'm thinking the '90s by looking at the ceiling tile things.

A box office that is just so old-fashioned. I loved it!

 An old clock by the theater. Oh heck, it was nearby, cute and well kept, therefore I liked it.

 More outside detail of the theater that I just loved. This must look cool at night.

 The theater has a mural painted on each wall. It was at this point that said mysterious friend told me to stop lookin' as if I just came off the farm and put the camera down. :)

 I just could not get over the women's restroom parlor! They had hair spray at every station along with freshly cut roses! Hair spray! (It's the little things for me. :) )

 And so, yesterday was nice. I hope to do more fun stuff this year.


  1. Hey Kim! I always appreciate your kind words you post on my blog, especially concerning my Bennett. I pray God blesses you in 2012 beyond what you can imagine! Happy New Year!!!

  2. Thanks, Ginny! I really do pray that all goes well for Bennett with the testing.