Monday, January 30, 2012

January recap

Tina and me at Olde Ship, celebrating her last day on the job :)

 And so, we're into a new year and a new time to live life. The first month of the new year is over with, and I'm happy to say that it was lived.

 I went to Regency Lido early in the month with a friend. The Regency Lido is located in Newport Beach and is a fantastic old theater that features artsy films. The last time I was there was 1998 when on a date. So, needless to say, it was time to go back! I went with a female friend this time though. We stopped first of all at The Mad Greek in Stanton for lunch and then took PCH down to the theater. We saw "The Artist," which I'm now glad of so that I can legitemately have an opinion about a movie nominated for an Academy Award!

 I also went out with friends to The Olde Ship, an English pub. Tina, a Facebook friend of mine, wanted to celebrate her last day on the job. I've theoretically known Tina since kindergarten, but she moved when we were 16 and I've only run into her every so often through the years. It was nice to see her and her boyfriend and others who I went to high school with. I hadn't been to that pub before, even though I live in the same city as it. It's a nice place!

 I also tried out a new church at the end of the month-The Cause Community Church. Wow is all I can say. The pastor's message blew me away! I'll attend again to see if this church is a good fit for me.

 I'm getting my weight under control also once again. It blows to have see-sawing weight issues. What matters though is that I'm working on getting it under control.

 And so, I move on to February. I hope it's a month of love in many different forms.

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