Thursday, January 19, 2012

Kindergarten friends and other life tales

 I've got another week of riveting tales to tell you! I bet you're all waiting with baited breath! :)

 Facebook has connected me with many people from my past, including the person I'm pictured with below. Tina and I met in kindergarten and reconnected via Facebook. She wanted to get together with some people at The Olde Ship, a British pub and restaurant that's nearby, so I joined her and a few friends that evening. I had never been to The Olde Ship before. It's a nice place and it was great to see Tina. (I wasn't feeling so hot that day and had just had a facial done the day before. Reminder: wear makeup always for pictures!)

I think I'm imitating Nora Griffin here by getting excited about wrapping presents. This one is for my cousin and her hubby who are expecting a boy on St. Patty's Day. I got her 2 children's books from her registry at Target and remarked to myself that I had plenty of Christmas wrapping paper but none for baby gifts. How weird is that???

 This obviously isn't the tightest wrapping of ribbon that I could do, but I like it. I also included one of my handmade tags for a cute touch.

 And so, that's my exciting week. Fun stuff, huh?

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