Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Boobs and Boxers

 I went to the breast surgeon appointment the other day. I really liked her and thought she was good. I'll be seeing her quite a bit in the near future!

 The ultrasound came back with some "fun" stuff. Purportedly benign, but still scary. My next step is to get a mammogram and MRI to determine for certain what they found in the ultrasound. I also had to get bloodwork, because my body possibly thinks it's pregnant!

 ("Yay! I finally get a shower! It's about damn time someone thought of me for a change!" I joked to a friend over the phone.)

 I'll admit that I got a little freaked out over the weekend when dogsitting my friends Boxer. She's a sweet dog who loved to sit with me as I watched TV. She actually sniffed the breast I'm having issues with. Whoa.  She didn't sniff the other one. Talk about freaky!

 In the end, the surgeon may have to remove some of my ducts to biopsy them. There's a small chance that what's inside may come back cancerous. If it does though, it's very early stage.

 Now where should I register for my shower? ;)

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