Saturday, October 27, 2012


 I'm happy to report that I just looked at my blood test results online and see that everything came out normal! Yippeee!

 I hope this isn't too TMI, but I love taking Bromocriptine only because my facial hair is going away. I'm not kidding! I know that women with PCOS get facial hair, but the endocrinologist looked at my blood work  at my last visit and said in no way do I have it. Plus, he added that I wouldn't get a regular period each month  if I had PCOS. He strongly feels the facial hair is caused by the prolactinoma.

 It's good to see a light at the end of the tunnel-6 months later... I see the breast surgeon once every 6 months now and will be happy to get to that point with the endocrinologist. I know at the least I'll have to see him that often to get the thyroid ultrasounds.

 In other news, my birthday's coming! I'll be going out to dinner tomorrow night with my parents and will do something Monday too. My boss gave me the day off on my actual birthday. Love her. :)

 And now, it's time to do something with my pumpkin. 'Scuse me....

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