Monday, October 1, 2012

You would've thought the flood was coming....

 You would have thought the flood was coming or something when stepping inside church yesterday! They built an ark! The sermon yesterday was about Noah, and I have to give the pastor and staff an A for creativity for helping us visualize the ark! 

 This was cute. The ark was built right by the baptismal area so that when Noah spoke (with live animals in cages all around him), you thought he was standing on the top of the ark. :) He was telling the pastor right then that he was waiting for his final delivery of animals. :)

 These didn't download in the right order. Outside was a petting zoo-including camels....

  And crocodiles....

 Noah getting his final delivery. :) They walked right into the ark.

 The pastor speaking. This ark was built by volunteers at the church. They did a great job!

 And another view of the ark. Very impressive. I wonder what they did with the ark when they were done?

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