Monday, October 8, 2012


 I'm tired this evening. Aw hell, this weekend was tiring. Which is good.

 I practically spent the weekend  at church. Women's Conference was Friday and Saturday. I took a nap after church on Sunday. Here I sit after work at 7:40 p.m., ready to zonk out again.

 It's good to have active weekends like this. It's just sucky to feel like I want to sleep again with it not even being 8 p.m. yet. I know it's probably related to my insulin level though. Booo!!! :( (I felt like eating a muffin after work, which probably did me in.) Then again, it could be my thyroid. I'll be having a radioactive scan tomorrow morning to see whether I need a biopsy or not. (I hope not.) I hear thyroid issues can make you tired also.

 Oh, and for those of you wondering, I lost 3 pounds. :)

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