Monday, October 1, 2012

September 2012 recap

 September was a really hot month and also good in some respects too.

 The month started out having the endocrinologist put me on Bromocriptine. All I can say is WOW! What a great invention! This medication increases the amount of dopamine in your system, which is probably why I feel so great. I have to get a thyroid scan in a week, so we'll see how much longer I'm on this stuff if my thyroid is causing this.

 I also did my final summer "staycation" outing. I went to LA County Arboretum. I was there last for a grade school field trip, so I wanted to go again-and it was damn hot. OMG. I'm pretty proud of how I spent the summer this year and hope to do this again next year.

 The space shuttle also made its final flight over Southern California. One of its last flights was over Disneyland, which is one city away from me.  So, I drove over to Anaheim, parked on a residential street and watched the shuttle with the 10,000 other people also there that day. It was neat! I was glad to make the trek. (I later learned I didn't need to do that and could see it from home. Dang it!)

 Reality is going to hit this month. May it be weatherable. 

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