Friday, January 11, 2013

An uneventful week....

  How did the first week of everyone's new year go? Mine had its up and down moments. Forward motion was the main theme of the week though, which is important.

 I was also happy to learn that I know 5 couples who are going to be parents this year! Wow! The last time I had a lot of pregnant people around me was 2005. This will be a blessed time-until August when the fun stops. :)

 My church did the same prayer and worship night again this week. They're going a little extreme, in my opinion, about the fasting. They've had awesome results in past years with their prayer and fasting times-including a couple on the brink of divorce getting back together again. My version of fasting is not reading certain blogs for a few weeks. ;) I'm realizing a few things during this time. I knew what I wanted to pray for, but it's funny in that I'm seeing that I need to get other areas in order to have that.

 I've been seriously working on my Etsy page here. Check it out if you need something! I've also been realizing how I need to market it. This will be a good learning lesson for me. I've also been working on a Facebook page I have for some freelance writing. I'm realizing the key to a good page is that you have to keep up with it daily.

 I did ask the endocrinologist at UCLA if he knew of an endocrinologist in Orange County that I could see. He referred me to someone in Orange, and I made that appointment. I get in next month....

 And so, my week hasn't been eventful in the slightest. Hopefully next week is better.

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