Friday, January 4, 2013

When it rains, it pours....

 Happy New Year, all! It's time to begin a new year filled with promise and possibility. Newness is great. And then, there's my life....

 I'd rather forget this past week, thankyouverymuch. It wasn't fun, to put it mildly!

 The first fun event was with my health insurance company. I'm on an expensive insurance plan due to some health issues and decided to apply for a cheaper one with the same company. After all, Obamacare will now become law so they have to accept me, right?? WRONG! (Open enrollment is in October. THEN they have to accept you.) To get down to the bare bones of it, I had to file an appeal with the company and prayed to not be left uninsured before Obamacare open enrollment. :Needless to say, my appeal was granted. Amazing and a bunch of BS all in one.

 And then, my brakes decided to not function properly one day and a car hose decided to go bad. (!!!!!) I learned from the episode with my parents and took matters into my own hands here. It's not that I'm not grateful for them or trying to be a bitch, but they don't seem to understand that if I say no, that it's not a debate. LOL. I fortunately have friends who are car handy and assured me that it wasn't my radiator and told me to throw distilled water in before driving the car to get it fixed.

 And then, the new year began. I found it funny that Robyn asked me if I was going to do my usual new year's cleaning! (She stayed with me for 2 days this past year. She knows! LOL) I guess it really is my tradition! Yeah, I did.... I was broke this year. ;) I just hope it doesn't take me 2 weeks this time to get everything cleaned up.

 I also decided to embark on an exercise plan this year. The city I live in has a lot of hiking trails. I want to hit every single one of them this year. The first trail I hit was on New Year's Day-a Panoramic Trail which has views to LA on a good day.

 I also got to thinking about goals for the coming year. I of course need to lose weight. I need to take up an exercise habit. I also need to get a better paying job that doesn't have me worried about my health insurance!  My wants include working on getting a creative side business going. I used to do craft shows all the time before the economy took a dive and want to do that again. I really feel that I can do more with this. I also want to be more involved with life.

 Going along with figuring out what you want in the new year, my church is doing prayer and worship nights once a week this month. This will include somewhat of a fasting time. Fasting can even mean fasting from the internet for the month. I've decided to not get on a Web site for the month. Four days down, 17 to go.....

 I also got my hair did yesterday! I decided to go a little bit darker and got this.

 Almost my natural color again! ;)

 I look forward to this new year and pray it's not filled with medical experiences again but instead with joy, happiness and life.

 Have a great week, all! Until next week!

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