Friday, February 22, 2013

Books n' birthdays...

 As you can see, I have pictures this week. :) I haven't succumbed to joining Instagram-yet-otherwise you'd know every detail about every day. :)

 This past weekend was disappointing. Not in the usual sense, but more disappointed in people than anything-namely some family members who didn't visit my mom for her 75th birthday this past Sunday. I won't go on about this, but some people simply need to grow up and realize that life isn't always about fun.

I've always wanted to make birthday candles like someone's age. Lol

Don't ask what Mom's wearing....

My gift to Mom. I loved the coloring ! 

 I've been getting into this series!

 I'll admit that these are well written. I'm on the third book in the series now, so all that sex is getting boring. ;)

 More than that though, I'm loving this weather! Spring is in the air, which I love! Everyone's mood lightens and things in general seem brighter. Yay for Spring! :)

 I hope you all had a fantastic week and continue on with this wonderful trend. ;) Until next week!


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