Friday, February 8, 2013

manhunts and spiritual warfare-welcome to California!

 What a week here in Southern California! A police officer who was fired from the LAPD (Los Angeles Police Department) shot and killed a couple in South Orange County. Many crazy things ensued after that, including the gunman shooting police officers, which lead to a huge manhunt with many different police agencies searching for this guy. I can personally say that they day the manhunt began I saw the police in one city doubled up in cars, doing patrol with their partners. The former cop hadn't been found as of this morning.

 I'll admit that personally, this has been a boring week for me. Boring with a capital B! I'll be happy when next week rolls around. Not only because it's new, but also because I have a tryout for a reporting position! As my dad asked, "Does it pay decently?" :)

 My class at church continued on. We actually moved it to a decently sized room this week. Yay. :) This week's studying will be on spiritual warfare. Interesting.

 We also had hail here today! Twice! Those things excite me! Lol.

 And so, that's my week. Hope you all had a more exciting one!

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