Friday, February 15, 2013

Time marches on

 My week started off incredibly weird, by my standards. I was sick on Sunday. By that I mean literally could not get out of bed for more than 20 minutes, throwing up, etc. I felt better by the end of the day, but still...What a waste of a day!

 And then, I started jury duty on Monday. I was debating what to do on Sunday if I felt the same way the next day. I probably would have just rescheduled jury duty, but I seriously don't believe in all the time I've been called for jury duty that I've ever had to do that. My tryout for a reporting job was the next day, so I did call the jury service office to see if I could reschedule. Oh, the court is closed for Lincoln's birthday, you say? Our county has a call in jury system anyway, and I got to go in Monday. Just my luck that I got in a jury pool  for a 10-day trial. :( I had to laugh when my mother and I spoke after my dad's cataract surgery  and she yelled at me for getting assigned to the jury pool for the trial! Ummm, what?? Fortunately I didn't get picked for the jury.

 My dad had cataracts surgery on Tuesday. I didn't have the fun job of taking him early, just as I did with my mom. His was bad in one eye, so bad that he really shouldn't have been driving up until the surgery. I guess it was so bad that it was a difficult surgery for the doctor. He's had a lot of complications, which included the surgeon having to stick a needle in his eye to relieve pressure multiple times a day. My tryout for the reporting job was also that day. I think I knocked it out of the ball park. We'll see though. What I liked about this tryout was that you could do it at home and email it in to them.

 I missed church on Wednesday because I went to see my dad.I'm sure God understands. :)

 And of course we had the crazy ex-cop shootout here in Southern California. Friends live by where this occurred and said it was amazing (to put it nicely) how many sirens they heard when this was going on. It's never dull out here!

 And that's my week in a nutshell! I hope to have pictures in next week's post!

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