Monday, April 7, 2014

April goals....

 It's April, which means a new round of goals to shoot for!


 Attend small group once.


Walk at the park across the street one day per week.


Attend church twice.


Get hair done.


Send out resumes and write two freelance articles.


Aaaaand, how did I do with last month's goals?

Interpersonal: Attend Art Walk and talk to one person. Nope.(Social anxiety due to the biggest wart in the world on my eyebrow kept me home.)

Physical: Walk five days per week, unless it's raining or am deathly ill. Hahahahaha. So that would be a no....

Spiritual: Attend church once. More than accomplished.

Personal: Get hair done. Nope.

Professional: Send out five resumes and write one freelance article. Done.

Okay, so two out of five accomplished. I'll aim for more this month. 

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