Monday, April 7, 2014

My life...

 I've been absent again these last couple of weeks. I just honestly had nothing to write. But life did happen!

 -We had an earthquake in my neck of the woods that made international news! We had a 5.1 earthquake that knocked things off shelves. I had a few pictures fall off a shelf and a cup break, but that was really it. I'm also glad I was home when it hit, because I had to hold onto my bedroom lamp while standing in the doorway. That thing was swaying like crazy and would have been a broken mess all over my bedroom floor if I would have been gone. Neighbors also checked on each other too in my complex. It's one of the reasons why I like living here. I really do have good neighbors, even if some are, um, colorful.... I had to hold one neighbor's dog while she swept up glass.

 There was some damage down the block from me though, as an apartment building had some units that were deemed unsafe due to earthquake damage. The city also had several water mains that broke. Ironically though, the city where the epicenter hit (my hometown) didn't have a ton of damage. I guess they have better infrastructure than the city I live in??? Everyone's anxiety was through the roof because there were aftershocks one after the other.

-Legendary LA Laker AC Green spoke at my church! He was a great speaker and could really preach it! I was happy that I got some publicity for my church from this too in the local section of the paper! My pictures weren't that great, but here's one I took of him with my pastor. (Everybody and their mama wanted a picture with him, which is the only reason why I don't have a photo with him...)

-And, of course, I'm at the doctor's.... I'll admit that my mood has been all over the place because I got a diagnosis that won't kill me, but that I'll have to keep up on. I won't go into detail, but it's kind of depressing for many reasons. And my mammogram came back with something abnormal, so I'll have an ultrasound for that Wednesday. And I have a brain MRI in 2 weeks... Can I have any more fun?? At least I'm done with surgeries-knock on wood... 

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