Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Online Dating: Not For The Faint of Heart

 I've mentioned before that I tried out the free dating site Ok Cupid last year. An acquaintance suggested it after meeting his now fiancee on there. I figured hey, why not?


 I've shared the stories before, but I've never met so many weirdos in all my life. My neighbor (who found her boyfriend on was telling me about another free site. Guys I met on Ok Cupid would also talk about it, calling it a meat market. A free meat market.

 Curious me decided to look at said Web site recently. I set up a free profile-which garnered me some interesting pictoral responses. Interesting is my key word for not wanting to scream. Let's just say that meat market was an accurate term... I've edited the photos slightly but want to share some of the non-pornographic, interesting ones I've seen-along with my narrative. :)

"Oooh baby. You got into an accident. You so fine!"

I just could not show the eyes. I couldn't. Why on earth would any guy show this picture?? Questions abound though. Did he get knocked out? Was he drunk too? Inquiring minds!

He was male....

 I could go on and on here with the material I have, which is sad-and gave me a good laugh. Needless to say, I was done after receiving the 50th penis photo. Yes, I saw so many penises that it was amazing! And not in a good way! Hahaha! 

 I've been to a few weddings where couples have met online-through EHarmony. They're nice, normal couples who have very solid marriages and are having kids now. As other single friends have said to me though, that site costs. I'm not feeling like I want to pay to potentially meet someone right now. 

 Until then, I'll just delete said free profile and try to rid my mind of that little blue dress. (SHUDDER!)

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