Thursday, October 9, 2014

Project Life Thursday

 I decided to start a new feature called Project Life Thursday to highlight this new way of scrapbooking-and to also keep up with it. :) I'm a year and-a-half behind right now!

 I personally think Becky Higgins is a genius for thinking up this product. Genius. Not only is it more cost efficient than regular scrapbooking, but it's also time saving too. You can get a lot done with your scrapbooks this way. Put in the pockets and voila! Done!

 Today's pages are summer themed-from June 2012. :) I took a trip to the Huntington Library. Robyn also came to visit-and we went to LA together. We visited the Brady Bunch house-and LACMA. It was fun!

 I used the old adage of "use what you have" and indeed did here. It was freeing. I was getting rid of stuff and totally enjoyed it. I could totally justify going to get more supplies-if I had the money. Lol.  Did I mention I also love the arrows? Lol. It may not be polite for humans to point, but it's fun to point in memories. :)

 Do you have your photos of this trip Project Life'd, Robyn? Would love to see it if you have! 

1 comment:

  1. No because I wasn't doing Project Life then. They are scrapbooked, though.