Saturday, November 10, 2012

Elections and discernment

 So another week has come and gone and our current president stays on for another 4 years. I was up for hours on election night doing my updating online for my freelancing work. I was checking election results like a mad woman that evening. We still have some undecided races here in my area. One being a city council member who's only ahead by 133 votes. That one will go down to the wire, I'm sure!

 With elections also comes thinking about discernment. Did I personally vote for the right candidates? Did I vote the right way for the propositions in my area and state? There are many types of discernment to think about also though, which I did this past week. Namely about trusting my judgment.

 My parents are elderly and nearly had me at a heart attack this past week for many reasons. A repair man came to the door while I was at their house a few days ago doing laundry. I told my mom I'd get the door for her, but she said don't bother. I didn't but wish I had. This guy wanted to bring over an estimate for some repairs for dryrot-to their garage door that needs to be replaced.... After telling the sales guy that she and my dad were retired (!!!!!!) and were going to be gone from x hour to x hour the day he wanted to come over (!!!!!!!!!!), I was almost waiting for burglars to come over and rob their house. After thinking about it for a day, I did tell my mom that she shouldn't have been so, um, personable with the salesman. That, of course, got me an "I knew what I was doing!" (um...) I've been told fun like this is just beginning with my parents. :(

 I was always the kid who never rocked the boat and always believed my family was right. That has obviously changed dramatically since I was a kid and it's sad that my judgment is obviously better than theirs. My sister is not here to experience this fun and in fact told me when we spoke recently that our parents are simply annoying to her. Let's just say I'm an only child for all intensive purposes.

 I do have some positive news to report though! I'm happy to say that I'll be in a craft fair next month at a local church. The price was right to be a part of it, so I'll be happy to make some extra $ from it. I started in last night creating some stuff for it.

 I think you'll like what I come up with. :) Stay tuned.

 And now, I'm off to see if the lab is opened today. My new primary doctor wants to check and see if I have elevated cortisol levels, which would apparently explain a lot. I think she's right after Googling it, but we'll see.

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