Friday, November 16, 2012

Frustrated and other thoughts of the week

  I was recently telling Robyn that I didn't feel like making a zillion Christmas cards this year (as I usually do). Photoshopping a creation came to mind. And then, I thought of something <sarcasm> brilliant</sarcasm>.

 I'll make a newsletter!

 "And then I thought, 'Oh yeah, no one will want to hear about me and my many trips to the breast surgeon, the hospital, the endocrinologist, the lab for bloodwork...' " I said to her as we chatted on Facebook.

 I consider this blog my Christmas newsletter of sorts. I know it's not the most read thing on the earth, but it's good therapy for me and provides me a laugh or 2 when someone I know reads it and talks about it to someone else.

 Anyway.... On to my week.....

 This week was fairly typical and started, of course, with blood work. I hope to get to a point where I'm not routinely giving blood every few weeks. :( The small lab by my endocrinologist's know me now. Is that good or bad? This lab work was ordered by my primary doctor though and surprisingly came back normal. My A1C level was amazingly good!

 As for frustration, yes, it has to do with many things family. Let's just say though that what I see is troubling and getting on my last nerves.I was told recently to ask for help with this issue when need be, and I will. It's sad that my sister doesn't really care, which means that I need to. I've tried to discuss this with her, but it seems to go in one ear and out the other. It's frustrating. I know everyone goes through this eventually though. And honestly, I'm blessed in many respects compared to some other friends.

 As for positive things, I was asked this past week to be in another craft fair next month. I have a TON of my crafts that I just want to MOVE.Namely, my gift tags....

 I've made my own gift tags for years and have a stash that I would love to sell. I'd be happy to never sell anything else as long as these gift tags sold. I seriously mean that I want them gone. 

 I also want to sell the mini albums I make. I personally think these would be a great gift for someone. Maybe a baby book? 

 Any way you look at it though, it's time for the holidays. Yippeeee! I think what I really enjoy about the holidays are the traditions. I just simply enjoy them. This coming week will be Thanksgiving. I get to make the stuffing this year for our family dinner. Yay! I get to use my Pinterest finds! I knew it was good for something. :)

 Until next week, happy Thanksgiving to all and be grateful for all you have! 

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  1. I still use the tags I bought from you a couple years ago lol.

    Besides my own(LOL) the best christmas letters I have gotten were written in the form of a poem or in a newsletter format. The key is to make it short and to the point.