Friday, November 30, 2012

Women, crafting and decorating for the season... a feminine themed week?

  I can't put up my wreath before December 1st. I just can't. I kept thinking of this as I put away the Thanksgiving decorations and  got the Christmas ones out of the garage. Call me anal, call me strange for that, but I just don't have the heart to decorate for Christmas before the 1st!'ll go up, tomorrow... It's only a day away! :)

I love Christmas time though. It's a special time for me as a Christian. It's not about the gifts. It's about the specialness of simplicity. Seeing the lights, togetherness, midnight service.... Things fade away, but memories last forever, which is why it's so special.

 As for this past week, I hate to say it, but anxiety started it out. I may have done something stupid and panicked as a result. We'll see. I'm probably okay though, as I acted in good faith to fix the problem. For those of you that don't know, I have a pituitary gland tumor, which is known to help anxiety become greater than it needs to be. I'm really trying to work on this and hope when the tumor subsides, so will the anxiety. My doctors have told me to start exercising to ease the symptoms. I guess it's equally as effective as medication. Dang. ;)

 I had a nice visit with my friends Kelly and Brian on Saturday. I went to their place to use her Cutterbug (?) to do titles for my mini books I'm selling. I'm so glad that all I have to do is bring over my scraps of paper and Kelly works her magic.

 My aunt, uncle, cousin and her husband also came to visit on Saturday.We met at El Cholo's and it was nice. For those that don't know this place, it's what I call the white man's Mexican food. It's decent and a spot where I spent many birthdays as a kid. Is it the best place to go for authentic Mexican food though? Heck no! I always say we should hit the more authentic place, Ricardo's El Ranchito, to which my mom doesn't object but knows my yuppie aunt and uncle would just die entering an authentic place like that.

Yes, I'm too fat.
 I also had another visit with the endocrinologist this past week. I'm happy to report that the hormones for my tumor are within normal levels. Yay! I asked if this means I can get off the Bromocriptine, to which the doctor said no. I guess I'll be on it the rest of my life. Honestly though, this doctor has the worst personality. I read online before seeing him that he's one of the best doctors in the group he's in, but he sure doesn't show it! (I guess the lesson to be learned here is to not always believe online reviews for a doctor!) I say this because I  nearly got yelled at for asking a question at my last appointment and can tell at each appointment that he doesn't remember a thing-or write anything down either, which is why I want to be done with him. I sent an online form to request a second opinion at UCLA, which I read invented the technique for removing pituitary gland tumors. Since I have a PPO, I'm going to take advantage of it and get a second opinion. If endocrinologist #1 is right, so be it. I just can't stand his personality!

 I also made a trek to LAX. I took a neighbor to the airport. I'm fine taking and picking anyone up there as long as I don't have to park the car and spend $20. My neighbor knows this for when I pick her up. She said she'll call me when she gets out of customs that day. Good neighbor. :)

 I also went to a fun event this past week at my local library. It was called Celebrating Women In Leadership and was a good way for me to advertise my gift tags. I gave away a set of 10 with my card attached to advertise the craft fairs I'll be in. It was basically a networking event for local women to listen to inspiring stories of successful local women. Probably the one story that I really enjoyed was hearing the life story of the new, local university president.

 And now, it's time for me to get ready for tomorrow evening's craft fair. I hope to make a zillion bucks to be able to stay home forever and never have to get a real job again. ;)

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