Friday, November 23, 2012

Thanksgiving wrap up and Christmas plans

 Happy belated Thanksgiving, all! I'm happy to say that mine went well and everyone liked my stuffing. :) It's now onto the season that celebrates Christ's birth. Happy, happy! :)

 There are certain traditions each family has for Thanksgiving, and my family has some interesting ones.  There's the Turkey Day Morning Store Run. This is my mom farming out the responsibility of being organized about Turkey Day shopping onto her kids. My sister and now ex-BIL used to hit the store all the time for her and used it as an excuse to also load up on snacks for their drive home afterwords. I did it last year. I can honestly say that I made my first ever cell phone call in a grocery store during last year's run. It was odd to call my mom to discuss almond milk... Honestly though, Thanksgiving morning is a good time to go... Fortunately though, I'm happy to report that I didn't make the run this year. Mom was organized. :)

 There's also the recipe pull out session. My mom must have saved every Thanksgiving recipe since time began, and they alllllll come out and decorate my parents kitchen table. I told my mom she should try Pinterest and dump the magazines, which of course gets me a horror-filled look.

 Thanksgiving was different this year, only because I actually volunteered to cook something. ;) My mom assigned me the stuffing and pumpkin pie, which was fun. I found a recipe for stuffing and another for mini pumpkin pies on Pinterest. I at first thought my mom was nuts for asking me to pick up a pie and told her to just hit the Marie Callender's by her. I told her I'd do just that if she wouldn't. She reminded me to be frugal though, which is when my inner Martha kicked in and I remembered the Pinterest recipe I saved.

 And then, I went grocery shopping and spent far more than I usually do cooking for just me. I also couldn't find pie crust dough, so my mini pies got interesting. Really interesting. They were filo dough pumpkin pies!

A friend of mine who loves to cook told me good luck working with the dough, because you have to know what you're doing. I overly buttered the dough to make it come out in one piece. I'm happy to report that it did! I have to admit though that when I taste tested the sorry looking one that I about gagged though because of all the butter. My mom called them "interesting." LOL. And I'm also betting that my 2-day sinus headache (which began the day I cooked) was probably due to eating more butter than I ever do in a year.

 I'm happy to report though that the stuffing turned out nicely. Once again, more butter than I eat in a year, but it had a nice golden color, don't you think? :)

 In fact, my mom liked it so much that I now have stuffing duty every Thanksgiving for the rest of my natural born life. This recipe. Forever more....

 I also did something I've never done before for Thanksgiving. I took someone to Costco! An elderly woman  I know who has vision problems asked if I wouldn't mind taking her to get her Thanksgiving supplies. I certainly didn't mind. I think she had me come with her to help with cart navigation, because everyone and their mother were there. It's just a WOW experience for me to go to Costco during the holidays. Granted, the samples are nice to have if you miss lunch, but it's just a busy place. Do people really need mass quantities of stuff??  I guess I ask that because I don't have a family and don't need to buy in bulk. Do I really want to go there even when I do have a family, though?

 All in all though, it was a nice Thanksgiving. My uncle and 12-year-old cousin came over. My other aunt and uncle are possibly visiting today (don't ask) before they head home. One of my cousins and her husband live in San Diego, which is where they spent the weekend. We got a late invite this year to join them and totally would have if we hadn't already started planning. I totally want to join them for a San Diego Thanksgiving if they go there next year.

 As tradition dictates, I stayed in bed for Black Friday. In no way will you get me out of bed that early to stand in a mob of people waiting for a deal! Robyn posted a picture of herself on Thanksgiving evening in the longest dang line-waiting to get into Target! I'll stay in bed while you all shop, thankyouverymuch!

 And now, Christmas has made its way. I was wrong in my last post. I thought of a Christmas card idea, which I'm working on now. I'm now in the process of cutting and stringing away. :) I made ornaments as Christmas cards almost 10 years ago and decided to take it up again with these prints. And the newsletter. :) I'll show my masterpieces next week. Right now, feast your eyes on these prints....

 Let the season begin. I love this time of year for many reasons and will be happy to experience it again this year.

 Until next week!