Friday, December 7, 2012

Health, life and makin' money....

 I have to admit that this past week started out in a funk for me. This hasn't been the best year for me-health or otherwise-and I just really hope that 2013 is much better.

 I get overwhelmed when I think of what 2013 entails for me. Losing weight, getting a better paying job and on and on the list goes. I think I've spent the year in a funk after quitting one freelancing job. I regret it even though it came at the perfect time. Yes, it was a wonderful place to be career wise, but I swear that God had a plan for me, because I got sick right after and the doctor's visits haven't stopped since.

 And now, I'm realizing that time marches on and changes need to occur. That picture I put up last week gave me a good scare, as it showed that I really need to lose weight. Really. This can't be good for me in any way, shape, or form. How will I ever get a better paying job being this big either? I need both.

 There were many good parts to the week though. I was in a craft fair this past Saturday at my friend's church. I'm happy to report that I sold 40 tags and also got a custom order from that fair! That fair taught me about getting the word out about your product, as one of my neighbors bought an album from me the night before the fair for a Christmas present. Why? I advertised for myself on Facebook. Social media is wonderful for that. I handed out samples of my work also, which I think helped immensely. I've been preparing for tomorrow's fair, which I hope is a blow out.

 I also put up my wreath on the 1st. I can not get it in me to decorate before then. It seems a sacrilege of sorts to do it any sooner. I finished decorating the next day, as I'm fairly simple in my decorating. Wreath? Check. Nativity scene? Check. Themed candles? Check.

 I also saw a tradition this past week for the city I live in. A local neighborhood decorates their street in what they call homemade Sparkleballs. They're Christmas lights that look as if they're glued into a ball. They look absolutely gorgeous hanging from the front yard eucalyptus trees as they blink in the night. It's a great tradition to see these if you live in Fullerton.

 Aaand, on the medical front, I'm shocked to report that UCLA responded quickly after I sent the online inquiry. Cedars Sinai sent no reply, so it's UCLA for the win. I have an appointment there in about a week and-a-half. I'll go to their pituitary clinic, where I'll see both a neurosurgeon and endocrinologist at the same time. Since UCLA invented the technique used to remove pituitary tumors and see people from all around the world, their consultations are expensive, so I spent a lot of time on the phone with insurance this past week making sure I wouldn't have a huge bill! My personal opinion is that this is tied to my thyroid. I have 6 nodules on it and internet research shows me that some of my symptoms could be related to that. If we could all get our internet degrees now. :)

 I hope you all had a good week! Until next week! 

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