Friday, December 21, 2012

I sent out the Christmas cards!

 It looks as if we're all still here, so thanks for reading about another week in my life. :)

 So I started the week by finally sending out my Christmas cards. I've always made my Christmas cards since taking up the hobby of stamping. Even though I no longer spend oodles of time on my cards, I still feel the need to create them by hand each year. This year was the simplest of them all. I made ornaments! Will people actually hang them is the question. :)

 I bought the cards at Michael's, tore them in half, wrote the saying in Word, punched holes, glued and strung! Not bad. Kinda plain, but I can embellish next year. What matters is that they got out. Finally. :)

 I have to admit that I'm having parent issues again. This is so ridiculous too that it's almost sad how I handled it. I needed a brake repair job, and my 77-year-old father offered to do them for me. (sigh...) The man had a stroke almost 15 years ago that left him almost paralyzed on one side. Add to it that it took him 3 days to install a new garbage disposal for me a few years ago. (Yes, one, two, three days to install a new garbage disposal.) Needless to say, I don't want a 3-day brake job. I know he can't do it anymore. No issue, right? It's sad how I tip-toed around the subject so that I wouldn't offend my dad. I finally ended up blowing my cork because my mother couldn't understand why I didn't want my dad to change my brakes! She and my dad have always been beyond persistent when they want their way about something, which has caused me to bust my cork quite a few times with them.  I hope I don't sound terrible when I write about my parents. I'm just frustrated, and like I said before, this blog is my therapy. Needless to say, I need a better paying job in the new year so that I'm not whining to them about things like this!

 I also went to UCLA on Tuesday for the second opinion. Very good doctors and nice people, but walked away thanking God I have insurance and don't ever have to make that drive again. I basically learned that my medical group knows what they are doing. I may not like the personality of the endocrinologist I'm seeing in my medical group, but I'm thankful he's done everything right.

LA skyscrapers-taken on my drive home that evening

 I also hit reality this week. I need to make a lot of changes in the new year. Reality has hit. I'm not perfect and need to find a way to address these changes that don't have me curled in a ball in the corner of my bedroom, hyperventilating.

 And finally, I went to see more lights! Pine Street in Orange has a theme each year for their lights, including this year also. Their theme was a little confusing this year (LOL), but it was still cute to see!

At first I thought it was a snowman theme this year...

But this house (on the same street) won honorable mention this year! No snowmen in sight!  
And this house also had a manger scene. Obviously there was no clear theme, at least from what I could see! 

 Pine Street is in the cute older home section of Orange, which is near Chapman University. It's also near the Orange Circle, a traffic circle that has been featured many times in movies due to it having such an antiquated, timeless feel. This even holds true at Christmas when they decorate the center of the Circle in a retro style.

Retro looking toy soldier

The famous fountain

I like it that the city puts up the manger scene every year. Only a manger scene. 

Santa looked pretty darned retro! 

 Until next week, unless the Mayans were right! ;) In the meantime, have a Merry Christmas!

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  1. I will ne honest, I am not going to hang your card on the tree....because i hang my cards on the door!! LOL. Yours will have a place of honor, of course.

    I did not have to deal with my parents getting older because I lost both of them before that time so I do not know how tough that is, but I can understand why you are getting frustrated. I understand that they want to help and feel useful, but I also understand your concerns. I would be concerned, too, about a three day brake job.

    Those are pretty cool lights. I have only been able to go out one night so far. I want to try again tonight, but the roads might be icy. That is the downside of living in a cold climate lol.

    Glad your medical issues are getting better!