Friday, December 14, 2012

More lights, LAX and makin' money!

 It's amazing what a little bit of positive self-talk can do for you. I got to thinking this past week about life, positive thoughts, auras and other mundane stuff. ;) I think that I put too many expectations on myself, so when I fail at something, I immediately shut down. Crap happens in life. It's how we handle it that matters. If I am happy with what I do, others will see my positive aura and want to be around me. There. :)

 It's Christmas time! I saw even more lights this past week! A housing tract in a nearby city gets festive every year. I mean, it's decorations central. People even give tours inside their houses! (Now that's a little much...) The area was cute this year though. :)

 I also saw a tradition in the city I was born in. This tree sits atop a multi-story building that is now a medical building. It was a bank when I was a kid and holds a special memory for me (and Robyn too, I know), as I remember my mom always telling my sister and I, "Look girls! Look at the Christmas tree!" It's now all modernized and pretty, but still holds the same magic for me.

 I also participated in my second craft fair-at my parents church. My goal was to sell out of my gift tags. I thought it was a pipe dream, but I'm happy to report that I came close! Wahoo!!! I also sold unique albums and did okay with those.

 Wednesday brought a little bit of drama to the city I live in (once again). The university I live by had a lock down due to robbery suspects possibly trying to hide on campus. Students were locked down in classrooms for hours until the SWAT team cleared every single building. I drove by the school yesterday evening though because I was curious and was shocked at how the police really didn't block off anything too strictly. In fact, I drove past the front of the school while the SWAT team was searching buildings!!! (Blog follower Greg, I hope you're reading this.)

My mad photog skillz. :) If this were a normal photo, you'd see that this is a photo near the front of the  university.  Only one side of the street is blocked off, with a dangerous criminal supposedly lurking on campus!
Mad photog skillz, part 2. :) The front of the university. 

 I also picked my neighbor up from LAX. This airport is the major one in Southern California-and also the cheapest one to fly into. Picking someone up from there is a breeze-as long as they're out front and ready to quickly load everything into the car. I'm not paying $20 to park a car there (the cost a few years ago when I picked another neighbor up there) I'm happy to report that my neighbor did wonderfully. She called me after she got out of customs and I only circled the airport twice (*eye roll*) to find her at the international terminal. What a mess it is to pick someone up there this time of year!

  Finally, I am sad to hear about today's news coming out of Conneticut. Little kids, too! There is a place in hell for that killer! That I am sure of!

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