Tuesday, January 21, 2014

And then, a friend ended up in the hospital....

 Its been the medical month for me as well as the people in my life! A friend ended up in the hospital twice this past week. The first time, they thought it was kidney stones and sent her home after giving her some medication. I picked her up at the hospital because she was stoned (no pun intended) out of her mind (and the ambulance brought her). I've never been to an ER during flu season at 1 in the morning. Needless to say I covered my mouth and nose the whole time I was in there! The second time I did go and see her in that hospital.

 In the name of not talking about medical stuff though, look at the protest that happened in the city I live in. :) A homeless, Schizophrenic man died in 2011 after an encounter with the police at our local train station. A wealthy blogger publicized this, which lead to 2 of the police officers being charged with second degree murder and other charges. They were found not guilty this week, which lead to a massive protest in front of the police station. Here's photo proof. Yes, they're in the street....

 This was tame compared to what happened later on. Crowds literally blocked traffic in the downtown area as they ran through busy traffic. Someone spray painted an anarchy symbol on the police station and also spray painted the memorial site where this person died. It was 6 hours worth of this before the police donned riot gear to control the crowds and began arresting some of them.

 The medical stuff this week was fairly tame. I had 2 appointments this week. One is TMI and I don't believe the diagnosis. (I'm Googling and laughing as I read what the specialist thinks is the problem. There is no way. None.) The other was an intake for a problem I need to manage. I'm also happy to report that my weight loss coaching starts today also.

 Here's to a more exciting week this coming week, which only includes 2 appointments that won't cause me to laugh like crazy.

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