Wednesday, January 15, 2014

I didn't go to the dentist (but felt like it)

 I had more "fun" this past week at the doctors when I got my thyroid ultrasound done. Four of the nodules had grown to the centimeter range, so they immediately sent me to an endocrinologist at Kaiser to biopsy them. I immediately didn't like this doctor and felt she was quite arrogant, but agreed with her that it was best to do the biopsy right then so I didn't have the chance to think about a big needle going in my neck over the weekend.

 I got done with the biopsy, left the doctor's, got myself lunch and went home. All was well until probably an hour later when I felt like I got a shot of novacaine. My lips were tingly and my gums felt numb. So, of course I called the endocrinologist's office to ask what was going on. I knew she must have hit something and just wanted to make sure it wasn't permanent. Oh, her office called back and I could just tell the medical assistant was bs'ing as she kept saying, "Dr. N stated ---- and stated ----," in a monotone voice that oh no, this couldn't have been from my biopsy. I had to take a trip to urgent care finally, where the very nice doctor (seriously, she was) agreed with me that indeed it WAS from the biopsy. The feeling went away and all is well. (And I know I wasted money on a co-pay...) I'm a little leery of this doctor after my temporarily numb face, so I'll want to switch doctors if this biopsy reveals a problem.

 And then, today was another specialist for girl stuff. I know how to party. :) A friend who also had Kaiser recommended him because she loved him when he delivered her daughter. He says I'll need a D and C.

 And today was also a job interview.

 I know how to party! Lol. Hopefully next week's entry is more lively. :) 

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