Thursday, January 9, 2014

I can't say I won't be using my new health insurance to the fullest!

 Since my new insurance kicked in, I saw my new doctor this week. Let's just say that I'll be getting a good value for my new insurance!

 I can generally expect to be seeing a doctor's office every week this month for a variety of issues, all of which are fairly minor. They range from taking a cholesterol class (my LDL was slightly high), to a thyroid ultrasound, to seeing two specialists. Everything has been rather painless, except for getting in to one specialist's. The appointment desk told me my referral for that person is under review, which she said meant the office was backed up. I need to call back in a few hours to see if I can make an appointment then.

 I was fairly happy with my blood work also. I was almost certain I was diabetic due to some things that have been happening. Nope! I couldn't be less diabetic even if I tried! As I said before, the only problem I have is with my cholesterol (LDL). The doctor wants me to lose weight and exercise to bring it under control.

 So, I guess HMO plans that your friends and neighbors have been on are just fine. :) 

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