Wednesday, January 1, 2014

One Little Word, 2014...HEALTH

 For the past few years I've been picking a word for the year that's my mantra of sorts. The idea came from scrapbooker extraordinaire Ali Edwards. I love the idea and will continue it this year.

 I didn't really think too much about my word last year. GET came to mind one day, therefore that's what it was for 2013. And I did GET some things that I hadn't in years past. FIND was my word for 2012, and I honestly did find answers to a nagging health problem that year-and I also found that I can have fun too. ACHIEVE was my word for 2011, and I felt I did that.

 I'm choosing the word HEALTH this year. I'll be honest with you that I'm THRILLED that health insurance laws have changed. Because of some health issues I've had in the past, I was always told to kiss goodbye getting a decently priced health insurance policy. I had a HIPPA policy for the past year and-a-half that was honestly terrible and cost a fortune. It had a high deductible, which I had to meet in order to pay a co-pay at ANY doctor's office. I'm not kidding you. I really felt it was highway robbery! Because of this, I'll admit that I didn't see the doctor a lot this past year because it was simply too expensive.

 And now, I have a low deductible policy, which doesn't apply to co-pays! Yeah!!! I'm thrilled that it takes effect today and am going to get in to the doctor's soon, because I honestly think I'm diabetic. I can also get some other medication without feeling like I'm going bankrupt.

 Health goes beyond seeing the doctor though. I'm too fat. I need to develop a healthier lifestyle, which means a drastic 180 degree turn from where I'm at now. Physically, mentally, etc.

 And so, here's to 2014. May it be a healthy year! 

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