Friday, June 27, 2014

Old Town Orange

 I wanted to get out a few days ago and try something (almost) free, so I went to Old Town Orange to walk around. Old Town Orange is fairly famous and has been featured in numerous movies, including Tom Hanks's "That Thing You Do" and others. It has a nice old feel to it, which I have never explored on foot. Seriously, I live two cities away and have never walked around this area....

The fountain in the center of their round about. I can't even tell you how often this center of town has been used in TV and movies. 

Another view of the center of the round about. 

Watson's Drug Store-I took a friend here last year when he and his family visited for the holidays. It was an inexpensive (and not busy) place for lunch. I love the train that circles the dining area. It's very cute! 

St. John's Lutheran Church

I worked for a little while for a wedding planning company that did receptions out of this building. I love this design. 

And so, that ends my short architectural tour of Old Town Orange. :) 

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