Monday, June 23, 2014

Random thoughts of the day...

 I thought I'd write down some random thoughts of the day. Hopefully nothing too personal, just some random thoughts to capture my life right now.

 -I had an appointment with the endocrinologist this morning. I'm too fat and I have thyroid nodules. Losing weight will help the blood sugar stabilize, the doctor says. She said that my body is trying to compensate by going high sometimes sugar wise. As for my thyroid, I have a goiter. I have six nodules on my thyroid. Four are benign while two came back as non-diagnostic. The non-diagnostic need to be re-done to make sure I don't have cancer. Ick. I hate thyroid biopsies. They take this long needle and stick it in your neck in the appropriate spot. I cringe just writing about it! This doctor is good with it though-she actually amazes me how she holds the ultrasound probe in one hand and the needle in the other. Anyway....

-Time doesn't stand still. Life goes on all around me. Marriages. Babies. Death. Sickness. Aging. We can't stagnate in life. Well, we can, of course, but it's not good for us. I have a tendency to stagnate when I get scared. Not good and I need to get out of that mode. We can't stop. We can't go back. We can only move forward. I feel a song coming on. Lol!

-An acquaintance of mine and his fiancee are on a cruise in Europe now. It looks great and gets me thinking how nice it would be to travel again. Granted, I wouldn't show it on Facebook while gone (like what he's doing), but a nice vacation sounds fun. Save, save, save....

-It's hot out today. It's my day off from swimming, but I feel like sitting in the pool with a cool glass of something just because.

And those, dear readers, are my random thoughts of the day. Poignant, huh? :) 

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