Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Crafty organization......

 I got to thinking about this subject when putting away my new scraps of cardstock. This faithful organizer of my colorful paper has held up well over it's probably 10 years of use. I love how I used my label maker to label each section instead of simply writing on the divider. Go Dad for getting me the label maker all those Christmases ago! Efficiency! Lol.

 And now, I have to think about organizing more crafty stuff. I make mini albums now, after all. That means cut out cardboard. Cut out cardboard of different sizes! Taking up space in my 780 square foot place! :) Bins, bins, bins! Lol.

 I can never just organize something and keep it clean. I must have that ADHD tendency that way. I go forever and then say, "Oops! Time to clean again!" This especially holds true for my crafting supplies. I could simply stick them in the closet and take them out when I need them, but that means taking them out. All of them.... Did I mention before that I kinda sorta hoarded crafting supplies back in the day?

 So, my project will be to start organizing all this stuff-once again. Let's see how many bins I can throw this stuff in!

 Stay tuned! Lol... 

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