Monday, June 16, 2014

Hoarding supplies=joy in creating

 I love to make anything out of paper.

 I developed my paper crafting hobby when I was 20. Stamping was my first love. I made cards. I decorated gift bags. Every holiday was a handmade card holiday. I went nuts one Christmas and stamped out the most DETAILED Santa scene ever.

 And I loved doing it.

 The stamps currently fill a huge container.

 I got into scrapbooking at age 23. That has possibly been my longest running hobby, lasting until six years ago. Scrapbooking stores made a lot off me back in the day! And I still have a lot of those supplies. Which brings me to my current creations-mini albums!

 When you've saved enough paper and embellishments, you can do things like this to try and sell them. :)

 I think I enjoy doing this so much because it's like therapy. And it's fun. You can create without rules-except for the self-imposed ones of disdain for crappy artistic efforts. You can puncture things, scribble, paint, draw...It's all good.

 What's the backing, you ask? Cardboard. Yes, cardboard. 

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