Sunday, June 29, 2014

Basset Hound games

 The rescue I fostered with does a cute fundraiser every June called Spring Games at a park in Arcadia. (It's still considered Spring when they hold it.) Owners pay a small amount to have their Basset Hounds do silly games like who can wag their tail the longest time and who can nap the longest time. They even have a costume contest that is hilarious. The marketing assistant asked me to sell my crafts this year at the games, which I was glad to do. What made it nice for me was that I was able to see the last dog I had live with me, Lucy. Enjoy the photos!

This Golden Retriever was hilarious. He saw me petting his Basset buddy and hit my hand with his nose as if to tell me he wanted in on some of the action. "You wanna be petted too?" I asked him. Why yes he did and sat down right by me. Lol

The color you're seeing on the Basset's tail is from a cute booth the rescue had at the event. Pay a little money and have your dog paint with his or her tail on a small canvas. It's funny to see in action because the dogs are wondering what the heck is going on! 

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