Sunday, September 13, 2015

Pituitary adenomas

 So I changed the main subject of this blog a little while ago to focus on pituitary adenomas-and have done little with talking about it.

 I guess part of the problem is that I don't want to talk about it. My tumor is small enough that I'm fortunate to not have some of the issues that plague others who have large adenomas. I also just had my yearly eye exam, which showed no issue with the tumor and my vision. You can go blind if the tumor gets big enough, so I'm fortunate that mine is small.

 Also, it seems as if my tumor is at the exact same size and has been for a few years. That's good. It may never grow either is what one endocrinologist told me. The same endocrinologist told me that small adenomas are often found during autopsies and that studies have been done showing folks in nursing homes with them-and they've probably had them for years upon years. That's all well and good. However......

 There is a need to talk about this. These are brain tumors! They're very rare to get but can affect many aspects of your life if left untreated. Many. Infertility, mood problems, weight problems... The list goes on and on.

 With that being said, I'm going to work this subject into some more posts. I hope it can help some people-whether they be diagnosed or have a family member living with this.

 It'd be awesome to help at least one person gain understanding into this. 

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